Why a Blog Style?

Well, it’s kind of a convoluted answer to that, so here’s the simplest version.

My website was looking dated and in dire need of an update – but until this point, it was really just a placeholder for the use of the email address.  So that got me thinking.

I used to have a paid account on Livejournal (it probably is still there, it was a permanent account) and I used that as a daily diary.  Somewhere along the lines, I quit doing that and I miss it.  It was a record for me of what was going on in my life, my thoughts, hopes, wishes, all that good stuff.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of starting a diary again.  Livejournal still exists, but doesn’t have the community it used to – and that is the only reason I would stay there.  So I decided to start one here and use it as a blog rather than a diary.  It’s not going to be anonymous, obviously, so there will be more “security” in my posts – more private posts, no names, no vacation stuff posted until we are home, that kind of thing.

But, I still welcome anyone reading this to post comments where allowed.  But know that they are moderated and I have final say on whether or not they are viewable publically (and really, unless you offend me greatly, I will most likely approve them).  I loved the community feature of LJ, so we’ll see what happens here.

What kinds of things will I blog about?  Whatever I am thinking of at the moment. It may be some deep insight, it may be an achievement in a video game, it may be something about my family or life, or it may be something happening in the news somewhere.  This isn’t a themed blog.  I promise not to post lots of pictures of food (I seriously don’t get that fascination).  This blog is mostly here for me, but like I said, I welcome readers with their thoughts and opinions!